Undertake abroad: they did!

Undertake abroad: they did!

They left everything behind almost to start their business to thousands of kilometers from France. From Copenhagen to Sausalito, here are three examples.

ERIC VINCENT, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Denmark, the little kingdom of which little is heard, located two hours from Paris, has always fascinated me. “For Eric Vincent, 44, married with 4 children, settle in the land of Vikings is needed early obvious. This original Nantais stayed there once when the opportunity presents itself: after a chef CAP, he went to prepare a degree in nutrition and dietetics for three and a half years. Then he tried his luck in Guadeloupe, in London and Reunion from 1992 to 1994, but to no avail: Denmark is the only place where he sees flourish. He dropped anchor in Copenhagen in 1995, “with a backpack” for any luggage.

Restorer of “national education” in Copenhagen, Denmark DR

Two decades later, he still plague “against the lack of light in winter,” he absolutely no regrets. After teaching at the hotel school in the Business School Admission from 2000 to 2003, in international section, he bought The National Education in 2004, “a classic and authentic French bistro” of old Copenhagen, instead of meeting place of the community French since 1992. a successful challenge which led him to open a grocery store two years later – Education Gourdmand’is – closed in 2008 in favor of a cozy wine bar, the Corkscrew.

Two restaurants and a food truck. Today, Eric is a happy restaurateur at the head of a big deal. Fourteen employees, “mostly French, especially in the kitchen, to stick to the restaurant’s image,” and a turnover in constant increase. Yet it was not won, “Faced with the refusal of the bank to grant us a loan, we had to mortgage the house of my in-laws!” Well that undertaking is simple and encouraged in Denmark – “get a visa work prerequisite to launch poses no difficulty “- a Business School Admission guarantee is required at time of registration -” it amounted to 17,000 euros. ”

Apart from this requirement a bit restrictive, the country “the happiest in the world” according to the World Happiness Report 2016 (World Happiness Report) is a paradise for ambitious. “While speaking Danish is more, even a necessity in some cases, everyone practice English, which facilitates relations, says Eric. And living here is fantastic, I fully adheres to the Danish social model, based on a supportive community that advocates for change things. For this reason, I suggest staying much longer, until the end of my days maybe. “In the meantime, another project could emerge in the form of a food truck in Copenhagen.

His advice

“Before starting a business, a small room is needed. The Danish market is not big and it has its codes, its specificities that must be mastered before rushing. Notice to new technology buffs: there is strong demand in the sector. “

The National Education in Brief

This French bistro “classic” offers quality cuisine using fresh, traditional French cuisine and wines and spirits just as French ( “neither Coke nor Carlsberg, yet national drink”), and a worthy decoration “old” bistros.

Seat: Copenhagen.

Created: redemption in 2004 (the establishment since 1992).

Associates: 2, “with my wife.”

Employees: 14.

Key numbers: 1.15 million euros in turnover this year, “an average increase of 10% since 2004”.

Initial investment: 17,000 euros.

Jonathan Kieusseian, 28, defines himself as a “serial entrepreneur,” motivated by “innovation and the sharing of experiences.” It is also a “serial traveler” who has studied all over the world before foothold in Burma. Between 2006, the year of his entry into the pole Leonardo da Vinci (Defense), and 2015, this marketing expert off and online made his first internship in London in a media agency, lived in Sweden as part of an exchange Erasmus made a voluntary two years in Ivory Coast, the Orange Technocentre in Abidjan, and obtained a Master Strategy and Management of International Business from ESSEC on the Singapore campus before joining campus ‘EGADE Business School in Mexico City! “The difference is such between the image of a country that the media refer, sometimes friends, and reality, I prefer to form my own opinion.”

Complicated, but not insurmountable. Open mind, deep faith in humanity and remarkable academic background: it was the subtle and perfect alchemy to launch in Myanmar, new home for the more adventurous expatriates. “Burma is one of the last countries or yet to be built, a bit like in those countries of the former Soviet Union – such as Armenia, the homeland of my ancestors – who discovered a world full of opportunities overnight, welcomes Jonathan.

I saw something incredible, because the lives of 50 million people changing almost daily! Similarly, the delay in the country allows it to draw on best practices from neighbors and not to repeat their mistakes. “But the road is long and bumpy. Despite democratic elections in November 2015 and the introduction of a more liberal government, the situation remains unstable “. Better be ready to leave the country quickly if serious events occurred”

Moreover, the cultural gap, administrative inertia and corruption are all obstacles to overcome for those wishing to settle. “Starting a business is not easy and takes time. Passage required to file the articles and be “seen” banks must join two Burmese, then pay a lawyer between 5,000 and 10,000 euros for administrative procedures, and have a letter of invitation from a company already registered in Burma to stay more than twenty-eight days duration of the tourist visa. “Not enough to thwart the ambition of the young boss. Jonathan is both confident in his project, a teleshopping channel (TV and Internet) combined with a home product delivery service, and proud of its 100% local team: “We, ensures t- it, the means to become a pillar in importing quality products to improve the lives of Burmese. “

His advice

“While learning about the target industry. Burma – Rangoon in particular – attracts more and more foreign investors. To know the expectations of the market, Facebook and websites enable groups to interact with expats already present for some time. Not to mention the French Institute, also very active. “

Myanmar direct express

A string of TV shopping and home delivery service. “In Burma, the demand for consumer goods is growing, or many cheap products sold are bad bill, even dangerous to health. We intend to make a difference by importing quality products certified by the manufacturer and local departments concerned, with a guaranteed offer for the customer, and home delivery for simplicity “.

Headquarters: Yangon (Rangoon).

Created: January 2016.

Associates: 2. Employees: 5.

Key figures: 20,000 customers at the end of the first year.

Services offered: “I join a company that is created to launch the first TV shopping channel Burma, on television and on the Internet and offer exclusive products – from the solar lamp in the kitchen appliance – to the population. I ride parallel electric bicycle delivery business products marketed on the Internet by third parties. ”

Key dates: January 2016, the company’s creation. Mars first sale through TV shopping and e-commerce. April purchases of the first electric bikes from Japan.

Initial investment: “Our Business School Admission and money lent by our families, complemented by the contribution of Singaporean investors.”


Inventor of Magicbed, a cot that folds and unfolds in a snap, Jerôme Tricault is the first surprised when he learned that the United States issue him a visa 01, reserved for “exceptional talent”. Cautious still, Jerome, his partner, Emmanuel Sordoillet, and their wives, in San Francisco will identify places. Thunderbolt: Two months later, the entire families – seven children in all – arrived in Sausalito. “They were not hot at first, but today only one of them still wants to go.”

In their suitcases, Jerome and Emmanuel outweigh Pictyear an iPhone app that creates collaborative photo books, they are working on for six months. “It interested me more than going Magicbed sale,” said Jerome. The magic bed but allowed them to start their business. In September 2014, they hire developers and canvass the major Silicon Valley. “Here, create a business is a sport.” In early January, the pair raise $ 1 million, and in May, Pictyear is one of the “App Stores” European. Jerome is delighted: “Life is very different from what we had in Bordeaux. But there is an irreplaceable energy. “

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