The most welcoming countries for the French who want to emigrate

The most welcoming countries for the French who want to emigrate

Blocked in France? Inventory of countries seeking skills for all candidates to work with or without diplomas.

William Doudou Thiam in 2002: a young graduate who connects the CSD-lived despite its economy stalled in college master Marseille. The same in 2013: he lives in London, where he created OST Consulting, a recruitment firm, after learning on the job among hunters reputed heads. “Here, no one is concerned about the reputation of my training, my sounding name or the color of my skin,” says the Franco-Senegalese 35 years. As for back across the Channel, it is not for tomorrow, “I’ll soon get married here .”

Without going to marry a native, although the French do not hesitate, as William, to start or restart their careers abroad. We know the French scene: a weak labor market, the trend of recruiters to dismiss the imperfect CV, worship graduation, the difficulty that specifically meet candidates from immigrant even graduates. Elsewhere, all is not rosy, of course. But some of these barriers are more easily removed. Provided to choose the right destination.

Germany: technicians and engineers are sought

Ask a German HR that means to him Polytechnique “He probably evoke an employee master several technologies” smiles Jerôme Lecot, director Eurojob Consulting, a Franco-German recruitment firm. With their education systems, focusing on short vocational courses, our neighbors appreciate the quality of our engineers, but do not fall into a swoon before our schools. So, many profiles have their chance. Starting in the industry, bac + 2 technical or commercial and tray 5 in mechanical engineering, electronics and energy. Of course, germanisants will be favored.

But beware: even for these, all regions are created equal. If half of the 50,000 French arriving each year opt for Berlin and its trendy atmosphere, they do not necessarily make the best choice. First, because unemployment is high (12%, against 5% in the country) and, except in the Internet start-up, jobs are scarce. Then because wages are on average 20% lower than in the west. Better to aim for the North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria, more dynamic. To find the offers, please visit the corporate sites and general job boards, like Monster, Indeed StepStone or or specialized (Log-Employment, VDI). Finally to network, go for Xing, first social site in Germany.

Australia: Working Holiday is the ideal entry visa

In 2013, Australia will know its twenty-second consecutive year of growth. Even if it slows down for a few months, it would take more to worry about its inhabitants. Want to smell a scent of optimism? For 18-30 years, it’s simple. Just ask a Working Holiday work permit, as did last year’s 20,000 French. Valid for one year, it allows prospecting on site, while living, if necessary, in odd jobs picking fruit and vegetables or restoration. But if you want to stay longer, we must find sustainable employment. Naturally, all profiles will not have the same opportunities. It will be difficult in marketing and communication, simpler in engineering or sales.

To find, know that “60% of positions are filled by word-of-mouth,” says Jacques Reynaud, director of consulting firm HR Polyglot Group. Networking is therefore necessary, on LinkedIn, but also with the Franco-Australian Chamber of Commerce. Another imperative register with employment agencies (see list on, through which passes a quarter hiring. Finally, if you have more than 30 years, know that access to the Australian market will be difficult because work visas are granted only to those who already have a job. So, much prospect with a tourist visa, even though it is forbidden. A hope: to have a job which the country lacks, as auditor geologist, doctor or nurse. You will then receive a special entry procedure.

Canada: Francophones are encouraged to come

In November, the Canadian Embassy in Paris will organize its traditional annual forum on employment. But do not expect to enter freely. “Given the influx, visitors are selected in advance on record,” apologizes Louise Van Winkle, the immigration service. With its strong economy, its tolerant society . and French as a second language, the country has something to attract. To the point that employment center has an agreement with the authorities to encourage our unemployed from. How to do ? For those under 35, the best is to ask, as in Australia, a Working Holiday work permit. It will allow for a year of seeking an employer, a CDI contract is necessary to obtain a long-term visa. No language skills or experience are required.

Attention their number is limited enrollment. Last year, the 6/700 availability were taken in 48 hours! Next destination, Quebec is logically the most popular province. Yet others, predominantly English-speaking, have potential, such as Alberta (construction, oil and gas), Ontario (ICT, biotech) or . Saskatchewan (education, health). Finally, if you are considering a permanent installation, be aware that some trades will be more favored than others in obtaining the papers, as they are deemed fit to shortages. This is the case, for example, mechanical engineers, chemists and computer scientists, but also welders, electricians, sheet metal workers or plumbers.

United States: we must use cunning to access the “American dream”

Hundreds of thousands of French nationals in the United States could testify. To work in the US, we must be patient because visa policy is strict: a contract is required before issuing the precious document. However, catering to IT, through fashion, tourism, engineering, areas abound in which local employers appreciate the French touch. The ideal for a graduate is to start with a VIE (voluntary international business) in a French subsidiary. Over a period of six months to two years, it can start looking for potential recruiters. Only competition obliges the LIFE are often former major schools.

For others, there are tricks. First, that of canvass come on a tourist visa, even if it is not allowed. If you are under 35, it will be possible in the absence of a permanent contract, negotiate an internship of one year. To find the twenty Franco-American Chambers of Commerce will provide the opportunity for a valuable relay. Alternatively, however costly, enroll in an American college, even unknown. You will get a student visa and, at the end of your “true-false” studies, you can stay one more year with a visa says OPT issued easily. Provided, again, to have found at least one internship. For this, think primarily the many companies created by our compatriots. This was done Jerôme Lambert. This doctor of Finance 28, who found nothing in France, landed late 2011 in San Diego and quickly got an analyst at AnaMetrix, a web marketing start-up whose founder is a serial entrepreneur tricolor.

Britain: rapid career for atypical CV

How many are the Froggies? No one really knows. In London alone, the figures vary between 200,000 and 300,000! In any case, as shown by our survey, they are numerous and their profiles are more varied. It must be said that the British Business School Admission has a knack for attracting. And not only graduates of high schools in the City. Those ânonnent English find odd jobs in restaurants or distribution. “But once at home in the language, they can evolve,” says Marine Deneux, Center Charles Peguy, a French association that helps to fit. Those speaking well candidateront in recruitment agencies that monopolize 90% of the offers. Some firms such as French Resources aimed compatriots. Warning: here, a good degree does not decide a career. “Motivation is equally important,” says Alexandre Leblanc. In France, a graduate of ESC Troyes saw that offering jobs in sales. Party in London in late 2010, he started in marketing before becoming responsible HR and management consultant! “This trip changed my life.” Who’s next?

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