The Moocs, a little less virtual, slightly more effective?

The Moocs, a little less virtual, slightly more effective?

Despite their success, the Moocs struggle to demonstrate their effectiveness over time. Some are considering reintroducing more real in the virtual.

2.4 million French would have enrolled on a Mooc in 2016, according to latest figures from My The same year, 313 are “massive open online course” (in French, “online courses open to all”) that have been created. The success of Moocs, appeared in 2008 in Canada and arrived in France in 2013, did not so crazy. These online courses are nonetheless facing a weight problem: a large majority of users will not after its formation.

“This is what we call in our jargon, the completion rate. For Moocs, it is estimated that between 2 and 5%. Suffice to say very low. What justification, then, the investments made by some universities, if the results are as bad? “Asks Christine Vaufrey. There are a few years, she founded MOOC & CIE, an educational engineering company, support and training on online training products, with an emphasis on Moocs.

“Initially, many were built as Moocs lectures, often on video. Of course, when you had all watched, you had to answer a quiz to check the assimilation of knowledge. But, as people did not pay the gratuity being a marker of Moocs if it was too hard, they do not stay, “says Christine Vaufrey. Today, faced with the poor performance of this medium, it reflects its evolution.

“Some tasks can not be confined to a virtual learning”

Thus, for her, reintroduce some real in these virtual training could not hurt them. Quite the contrary. “Some tasks can not be confined to a virtual learning. I think for example to surgery. It is best then to combine a face courses and surgery in virtual reality. That already offer some training. “

The real also helps well in advance. Guillaume Laurie is project manager for pedagogy Kedge, a business school. With his students, for whom he develops Moocs, he decided to team-building, that is to say to motivate them before the start of training. “In doing so, I noticed that the completion rate was then much higher,” he says.

Especially, some old habits die hard, and digital does not necessarily part, especially in business. “Often, for an employee, a face training is better regarded as access to e-learning. When we offer you one or two days of training with a teacher, you are granted the importance, “Judge Christine Vaufrey. However, real and virtual are not irreconcilable in the professional world: the energy supplier GRTgaz, a subsidiary of Engie, recently launched training for a new gas station employees . with a virtual reality helmet. Employees could both have direct feedback with these trainers, and immerse themselves in the task at hand.

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