Strategic industries to ensure the success of France tomorrow

To continue to play a major role in the global economy, French companies, especially SMEs and ETI must position themselves in strategic industries for the future.

Fintech : software et payment industry

Daily management of the accounts and financial assets, corporate finance, payment or transfer of international monies, the Fintech sector is thriving throughout the world. The latest survey from PwC on the FinTech entitled “Blurred Lines: how FinTech is shaping Financial Services,” over the next three to five years, global investments in FinTech should far exceed the 150 billion.

Support e-commerce et m-commerce

Each year, e-commerce and m-commerce are experiencing particularly strong growth. key growth drivers, signs have massively expanded inline; evidenced by the growing number of signs with a merchant website: of the 100 stores in France, only 56 were operating a commercial site in 2009 and 66 in 2011 while they are 82 today (PwC study Total Retail 2016) . Indeed, the quality of the consumer experience is optimal, both on desktop and mobile. Thus, more and more sites are moving towards mobile browsing realizing fully mobile-friendly sites (navigation comfort and ergonomics) specific mobile applications (consulting products, shopping, discount codes .), mobile payment facilities or even live chat solutions (customer commitment and humanization of the relationship).

Software / Cloud / Big Data / Cybersecurite

The “cloud” (or “Computing in the Clouds”) is an alternative to traditional IT operations. Storage, data processing, use of software “deported” dematerialized this ecosystem is in perpetual motion. In this digital revolution there are the Data: Big Data to Open Data, these private or public data feeds into the IT landscape in all sectors, including industry. Moreover, in the area of ​​cyber security, booming sector, France has a rich technical and human expertise and a complete sector (research laboratories, start-ups, SMEs, large groups, military centers) .

France has many advantages in the fight against cybercrime. The point of having intended to become a model and leader in this field. The excellence of its engineers, the global reach of its mathematical and statistical school, its industrial champions directly concerned (Thales, Atos, Orange, Airbus with Cassidian, Cap Gemini, Gemalto .), its ecosystem of Defense and Intelligence. According to the study “The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017” PwC in France, companies have invested an average of € 3.9 million in the security of their information systems in the last 12 months. Many strengths to build a reference model and a world-class economic sector.

Renewable energy (RE) / Environment / Clean Technologies

Cleantech (clean technology abbreviation) are technical and industrial services that use natural resources, energy, water, raw materials with a view to significant improvement in efficiency and productivity.

Within these cleantech, the energy efficiency technologies to reduce the consumption of existing buildings and vehicles are rapidly developing.

Examples ? The onshore wind, offshore wind power, marine energy, biogas, .

connected and smart city objects

French companies have the potential to become world champions in the field of connected objects.

The global market for these items is expected to explode in the coming years (1900 billion in 6 years, according to Gartner).

In France, according to the firm Xerfi, this market will represent 500 million in 2016 (EUR 150 million in 2013). Furthermore, to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s city, intelligent city (Smart City) will use digital technologies in urban services in order to make the city more efficient.


Med tech

Artificial Heart, micro robots, medical imaging, surgical and orthopedic implants, French scientists continue to multiply the inventions that are beginning to revolutionize the world medicine. These medical technologies (global market estimated at 200 billion euros, with growth of 6% per year) are at the intersection of two areas where France excels for several years: medicine and engineering.



Beyond traditional tools (tractors and still most modern combine harvesters) farmers today have a wide range of latest technologies to equip their machines and optimize their yields: use of satellite data, embedded computing , computers which control the intake of water and nutrients from sensors hydrometric around plants. Probes also measure the changing diameter of the branches of fruit trees and modulate based irrigation drop by drop. On smartphones, applications to diagnose possible plant diseases. Furthermore, UAVs are increasingly used in this sector to collect and quickly analyze data on soils and crops, but also to make precise spraying on plants. According to PwC, this market is estimated at 32.4 billion dollars. “(Source: PwC study,” Clarity from above “, May 2016)

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