IT: the pros of cloud and big data will be popular

IT: the pros of cloud and big data will be popular

> Web and Mobile Developer: work with a shovel, but for young people

By opening last year its own computer school, Xavier Niel did not hide it: we do not train enough programming specialists with regard to business needs. New players the Net and lack of talent perfectly mastering the languages ​​used to design websites (Java, .Net .) or applications for mobile phones and tablets (Android, iOS .). This shortage will persist in the coming years. But beware: this business is primarily reserved to young graduates, especially bac + 5, – “they represent 95% of our recruitment,” said Dominique Galet, Talent & Trust – even if the tray + 3 chances in smaller companies. Web developers will have no trouble adjusting to the language of the mobile world. It will be complicated by cons for those who have worked on software design “traditional”. Another handicap is the salary they will be competing with recent graduates hired around 30 000 to 35 000 per year.

> Web Designer: a well-known profession that will remain in the future bearer

If the site of the new perfume Paco Rabanne got last November Awwwards the prestigious international award for the best web creation, it owes to the one who designed the web designer. A job that certainly is not new, but will remain buoyant: first, because brands looking to get noticed more and more on the web with original sites. Then, because they must also give their image on smaller screens (thus less readable) tablets and smartphones. According to research firm Katalyse is one of the professions in the sector – often practiced freelancing – expected to grow the most in five years. Recruiters are increasingly demanding and require both specialized skills in graphics and programming language, but also animation and video. Designers graduates of art schools that do not possess this computer knowledge therefore must acquire continuing education if they are to have a serious chance to retrain.

> UX Designer: aces ergonomics are sought

A site that is beautiful is good. But a clear site and where it is easy to navigate, it’s even better. This is the work of webergonome or UX designer. A particularly sensitive issue for commercial sites, that could quickly see flee users if their interface is too complicated. The pros and speak of “user experience” (UX English) positive or negative. Well known in the USA for several years, the profession in France is more recent. Besides there is still no specific training, apart from being ergonomics in some curriculum webdesign. “So, people with a double degree, humanities and webdesign are appreciated,” says Sacha Kalusevic, recruitment firm Page Personnel. In addition to traditional graphic designers, other experienced candidates may also succeed: General psychologists or ergonomists, provided, of course, to acquire the skills and necessary Internet marketing. And knowing that this business practice is more independent consultant that employee in a communication agency.

> Cloud Engineer: clear sky for these pros of online data storage

You store your family photos on a website rather than in thick albums at home? Without knowing it, you are using cloud computing (literally cloud computing). This hosting remote data system, easily accessible through the Internet, also enjoyed great success with companies who can outsource much of their IT. Good news for data center companies, but also service providers who gravitate. The cloud computing market, which already weighs 2 billion euros in France should indeed grow 20% annually by 2020, according to research firm International Markess. By cons, this success is a danger to all the engineers responsible for administering systems in business, they have less and less need of their services. Hence the importance for them to master the new environment. The profession is very young, few engineering schools have already launched continuous training, the Isep in Paris being one of the first to have done last year. Even rarity in initial training. This is probably just the beginning. Note that at the exit of the school cloud engineers can claim higher earnings of 10 to 15% compared to a system engineer classic profile (from 37 000 to 42 000 after two years of experience ).

> Data scientist: this data hunter dimension

The numbers are staggering: every minute in the world, more than 2 million queries are performed on Google, 280,000 messages are sent on Twitter and more than 1.5 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook. This colossal mass of information available on the Web is a gold mine for businesses and in particular for their marketing services. Must still be able to analyze these big data, these very different kind of data and not always well structured. It is the job of data scientist, who will be able through complex algorithms to extract database information relevant to better understand customer behavior. Which will subsequently marketing departments to provide better targeted offers. “We have to be good in both computer science and statistics, but also understand the challenges of its business,” said Pascal Bizzari, the consulting firm datamining Avisia. employer side, in addition to consulting firms, pure players of the Web (Amazon, .), but also banks and telecom operators are increasingly interested in these profiles. And this will continue, as consumers increasingly communicate with their favorite brands through multiple channels. Result, a career transition for engineers or financial is perfectly possible, especially as the function is well paid, with salaries exceeding 75,000 euros for very experienced profiles.

> Cyber Security Engineer: recruiters lack of these specialists

If there is a thrilling profession hacking scandal of the NSA, it is that engineers cybersecurity. As a publicity stunt, hard to beat. industrial espionage, fraud, viruses or hacking hackers, companies are increasingly subject to cyber attacks. And it will not work out, their networks are becoming more open and accessible via the Net, so vulnerable. To protect themselves, they will need to strengthen their cyber defense teams. Not to mention the many specialized companies in the sector as Cassidian (EADS subsidiary), Thales, Sogeti and Atos. However, according to Senator Bockel’s report in 2012, the current training only cover a quarter of recruitment needs, estimated at 1,000 per year, including 800 in the private. It is true that the specialized courses in school or college are still few in initial or continuing training. An interesting trail to follow, therefore, for students, but also for experienced system engineers who want to refocus and aim later positions responsible computer security (RSSI).

> IF Planner: recurring needs in large groups

A village does not need a planner. A city, though. Well, for the information systems (IS) is the same. Only large groups (particularly in banking, telecom and industry) and consulting firms employ these professionals, also known as business architects. Their job? Plan and develop computer of their business or their customers, according to the needs and technological innovations. The positions are so few. But these experts will be especially popular as systems become more complex every day (cloud computing, business intelligence). The function requires both a strong technical background and a good knowledge of the Company’s businesses which will be affected by its decisions. That is an interesting career move for system and network engineers with good experience in server management.

Here to conclude this series, not a new profession itself, but a methodology called “agile”, the IT project managers are urged to know. “It is increasingly required in the CV,” says Dominique Pebble associated Talent & Trust recruitment firm. The goal is to work more quickly and collegially with the customer, proceeding by successive adjustments: hence the term “scrum”, meaning “mixed” in English. Example. When a publisher designing software for a client, it first establishes with him all the features of the product. Then teams engage in a sprint to deliver as quickly as possible a first piece, the customer will be tested immediately. “If there are no bugs, the developers move to another feature, without returning to the previous” says Claude Aubry, a consultant specializing in the field. Advantages ? This method can be adapted more finely to customer demand. The employees in turn are motivated by a more participatory management. Many computer schools already sensitize their students to this process in their course of software engineering. If project managers already working interest will be trained in this area.

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