Health – Beauty: a bright future for all matters relating to the welfare

Health – Beauty: a bright future for all matters relating to the welfare

Surprise. We knew the French champions of Europe in the consumption of antidepressants, but they are also for beauty and care products. Another way to fight against the stress of everyday life, especially as current trends are natural, relaxation and cocooning. Although busy days require the “express” services also have the wind in their sails.

Summary record

  • Food – food: huge potential in new forms of fast food and online sales
  • Health – Beauty: a bright future for all matters relating to the welfare
  • Leisure – culture still many unexplored niches
  • Fashion – decoration: an abundance of concepts to take abroad
  • High-tech: a multitude of new services to sell through the revolution of social networking and mobile Internet
  • Services for seniors: many veins under-exploited in this market booming
  • Surfing the wave of organic cosmetics

    A business specialists, cosmetic? Isabelle Carron, 48, and Arnaud Pigounides, 35, prove the opposite: initially, they are owners of a communications agency – and stayed. Their strategy deserves all the more to be studied. To start Absolution, they have relied on organic (Ecocert, recyclable packaging) and originality with a range of unisex products compatible with each other (this is far from always the case).

    No experts, but bûcheurs they worked a year and invested 300,000 euros: development of herbal recipes by a botanist, selecting a manufacturer to Aix-en-Provence (thank you Google), a supplier of tubes and pots at the show LuxePack . starting in September 2009, was made in specialty stores, Sephora, Marionnaud and other major retailers are inaccessible at first. After a fundraiser 200,000 euros, they seek 1 million to develop.

    Our advice: as did the creators of Absolution to be known professionals, it will be smart to rent a small stand (5,000 euros) in the renowned annual exhibition of cosmetics, Beyond Beauty in Paris.

    Being among the first to develop cosmetic treatments Express

    Party a few months on the campus of ESSEC in Singapore, Hugues de Braucourt discovered in the local metro QB House lounges, offering passersby pressed a haircut in ten minutes for 5 euros, without appointment. Returning to France in June 2009, the young man, still a student, decided to inspire the concept. To validate it, it will sound hairdressers in Paris, launching questionnaires on Internet forums (like that of but also ask family, friends, students at her school .

    Reinforced his idea and joined by his sister, Diane Frachon, Hugh approach while commercial landlords to get a local not too expensive. Unibail offers to 30 square meters in the shopping center of Part-Dieu in Lyon. After collecting 100,000 euros from banks with the support of the Entrepreneurship Network Initiative and Paris, he opened his first hair salon and cheap express care Benow in December 2010. Six months later, the break is achieved.

    Our advice: in express service, the key is to be installed in high traffic locations (train, metro .). Another creator, Nicolas Langer and installs its Beauty Bubble Hair bubbles in airports and hypermarkets.

    Bring Asian relaxation centers and cheap relaxation

    When former co-creator of Monceau Fleurs launching a new business, it deserves attention. In 2007, Pascal Royer discovered in Spain Henartural, health care institutions where they are . the beds that massage the body. He contacted the suppliers, all South Korean, and discovered the extent of the market for automated relaxation – cheaper than the manual care – in Germany, Canada and the United States. After the low-cost flowers, why not massage at low prices?

    Several trips to Asia later to discover other amazing machines (massage arch, bathroom ionizing feet), this former Dauphine opened in December 2008 a first TheraCh’i Institute in Paris (300,000 euros invested). “Given the success, I declined the concept of duty,” he says. With seven stores, the network has now reached 1 million in sales.

    Our advice: precursor TheraCh’i is still alone in this market very fashionable, but expects the arrival of competitors. Note that the Spanish Henartural, he was inspired, is not present in France but could soon land there.

    Get a place, through franchising, the market for food stores

    One billion euros! The French market for weight loss is heavy. However not easy to create a concept to distinguish from increased competition in this sector, which includes both food supplements slimming treatments, books or coaching . So, it may be smart to incorporate a franchise expanding as Naturhouse.

    Present since 2005 in France, the Spanish manufacturer of food supplements, which sells its products in an original way, multiplies the openings “90 this year,” says Olivier Roques, former head of a high-tech company, who paid 200,000 euros for the masterfranchise (exclusivity) of the french market. Of course, we will not make a fortune with one shop. But, given the expansion of the chain, it is quickly possible to open more. “Our biggest franchisee has seven stores and carries 2 million in revenue.”

    Our advice: a dietician for advice and dietary supplements sold in stride. The principle of Naturhouse is quite simple to imitate. And there is room in the market .

    Using the Internet to sell personal development tips

    The niche of the wellness is not just to products and services for the body. There are also juicy business to achieve for who would take care of the mind. See Jean-Pierre Camard, 61, and France Hetier, 51. There are two years, the couple launched the website Neither one nor the other are the seraglio, him being a computer engineer and physiotherapist. “But we are passionate about psychology and have been in therapy before duplicate this concept very popular in England,” they confide.

    The principle ? Psychologists (initially canvassed in the alumni directory of the EPP, a reputable school in the profession), which the site retrocedes fees are available 24 hours 7 days 24 and 7. Before you contact them by phone , just check their availability on the site. The price of the consultation? 1 per minute. To build the computing platform, a budget of 130,000 euros was needed. A worthwhile investment: this year, sales should reach 800,000 euros. And Vivendi, which has a similar site, has already offered to buy them.

    Our advice: while the health professions are regulated, provide a service bringing together professionals from this sector does not require prior authorization. The future ? Sites of medical advice in all specialties. Moreover, Jean-Pierre and France Camard Hetier have just to start one .

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