Gastronomy: the madness of home chefs

Gastronomy: the madness of home chefs

Afford the services of a chef to entertain guests? A concept booming for three years and not necessarily ruinous.

Normally, it’s my wife who cooks. For his birthday, I wanted it to be at the table “The solution to succeed his surprise, they are friends of Fran├žois Yung, special advisor to entrepreneurs, who have blown him. A home cook . “It happened to 10 am with its bowls and cans, filled the basket. I set the table and he took care of everything. He advised me to wine and it made the service. When he left after sharing champagne with us, the kitchen was clean. “

The birthday luncheon that amazed his friends will cost her 40 euros per person, without leaving the living room. For three years, this service has developed in France, and platforms are created on the Internet to link customers and professionals. About 2 500 independent cooks exert now a private chef activities in France. In question, the French regained appetite for eating well without them necessarily have the time or talent to cook. And “with” Top Chef, “” MasterChef “and” An almost perfect dinner “, this formula looks more and more people,” says Stephen Leguillon, founder of Beauty Plate, a site that allows online reservation benefits culinary.

On its site, it offers the services of 55 chefs, all selected after a test dinner. These hats are free to set their prices, their conditions and their recipes, like Adib Kaddoura, a cook who offers menus ranging from 44 to 87 euros per person. In exchange, they are returning a 12% commission the company to Stephen Leguillon, which also provides them with assistance in managing their accounts.

A key, an average income of 2,000 euros per month for the elect, that they leave school or a starred establishment. The start-up has already organized several fundraisers to 100 000 and is preparing a new round bringing French investors, but also British and American.

With a first menu at 75 euros per person, Dinners Eloise aim, them wealthy clients looking to combine fine dining and privacy of the home. An initial investment of EUR 300 000 and seven employees or associates leaders all went through the starred restaurants, enabled the company to achieve 1 million in revenue this year.

In Reims, Denis Spitz has also specialized in high cuisine and full service home services, for companies or individuals. Among its regulars, the champagne houses Veuve Clicquot or Bollinger. It comes to you to define your menu (35 to 95 euros) and can, on the day, you prepare carpaccio St. Jacques on a mashed avocado, lime vinaigrette and fresh basil, or trifle with strawberries and ricotta mousse with pink biscuits of Reims. It can also, for 130 euros more, bringing his butler, to perfect service.

The professionals also see in this new market a way to gain their independence. At 26, Frederic Moulin worked in the most prestigious kitchens of France: Guy Savoy, Paul Bocuse and Le Grand Vefour. “My goal is to open my restaurant, so I became chief in a traditional, then I started freelance. We are obliged to calculate all our ratios, ourselves we buy our products. This is an excellent school, “he says. His meals at home, between 55 and 200 euros per guest, also allow it to be a nice address book: he recently cooked for the pastry chef Pierre Herme or owners of ST Dupont lighters.

But the concept is not restricted to an elite. At 20, Theophile Playoust offers menus at 36 euros per person. “I started through my parents, friends, network,” says the young man who, after two years of hotel school, did not exercise in a restaurant. Through its Facebook page and word-of-mouth, he made two to three services a week and already earns up to 4,000 euros per month.

Over time, Theophilus saw broaden its customer base. “Many young people call me for dinner with friends at home. Not necessarily wealthy, but are fun. “In short, no need to go to the restaurant, now, is the restaurant that comes to you.

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