How say you by voice at work

How say you by voice at work

Low or high, or high nasal, it reveals our personality and emotions. At the risk of serving us. Here’s how to make it an asset.

Many studies have shown that a good appearance is highly desired to work. Does it not speak of “physical labor”? This also applies to the voice! surdiplômee doctor, Annie saw a department head position away from him because his lack of safe struggled to convince his superiors that it was big to supervise a hundred people. As for the high tone of voice perched Stephane, a young HRD, it proved crippling when driving a social plan.

Clean each essential component of our identity, the voice is difficult to fundamentally transform. But we can learn to play on his intonation, rhythm or intensity to improve our communication skills. “I work especially with professionals – IT, financial, engineers – who have never been trained in speaking, as bank manager whose voice shook and faltered under the effect of stress from that he spoke of his work, “says speech pathologist Claude Fugain. Sometimes a group training two or three days is enough to “liberate” his voice. In case of more serious problems or medical, individual sessions (10 to 20) with a vocal coach, a speech therapist or speech pathologist may be needed. Here is an overview of what is done there.

Taming his voice

Most people do not know their voices . And when they hear it, they are often disappointed. Because of the internal vibrations, our voice “subjective” – ​​that we perceive from the inside – is different from the voice “objective” we emit. We must therefore learn to become familiar with it and to accept it. “During the training, everyone is invited, from a record, to put words to her own voice and that of others, develops Pierre-Hugues Cacheleux, Orsys consultant and director of HRM-Music. It is a way to become aware of its height (low or high), intensity (low, thunderous .), its tone (warm, nasal, lens .) and its expressiveness, a point on which there is much work. “Better to be heard or understood, gain more impact and insurance, break the monotony . A personalized voice diagnosis helps people set goals for improvement.

Breathing through the stomach

“The house of the voice, the body, says Chantal Crochet, voice coach. To ensure that, we must first learn to breathe through the belly and ribs, com-

My babies . A reflex that we forgot! Many hyperactive people have trouble letting go. They raised shoulders, breathe only in the thorax and do not know blowing “Ex-student Chantal Hook, Thierry Pommier, manager of a small IT team at Orange, said:.” Before, I was often paralyzed before a group. Since my vocal coaching course, I take a few minutes before each meeting to take a deep breath, back straight, feet parallel and anchored in the ground, connected to my body sensations. I feel more present and not afraid to speak in meetings. “

To get the most of his voice, it is also open wide, like opera singers, even exaggerated in the beginning. And train to feel the vibrations and resonances which, sounds, are located on the lips, nose or forehead.

Do vocal exercises

“Didon dîna, they say, the plump back of a plump turkey .” “I want and I demand exquisite excuses!” Exercises to enrich the timbre of his voice, develop its amplitude, learn to project it to a public or refine his diction abound. They rely on the production of sounds, spoken word games or sung . One can thus train reading a text pronouncing vowels just . “Hi, how are you?” Will give “One or o e or has? “read a serious text on a gay tone or comic, or rather tell jokes with a tragic air are other techniques commonly used in the training of actors, singers or broadcast journalists . And gradually earning businesses and schools. So for three years, the first year students of Iseg Bordeaux (school of marketing and communication) participate in an integration seminar in music. In groups of 30, driven by coaches MRH-Music, they have a week to discover their voice, compose music and lyrics of a song, interpret, record it and shoot a video. Nothing better to take insurance. “Then they are much more comfortable for the oral tests and deal with professionals to get an internship,” says Pierre Kalaijian, educational director.

Rhythm expression

Once integrated basis, we can begin to modulate the expressiveness of her voice and give a purpose: for example, excite and empower or galvanizing. For this, please listen to the political rhetoric, like the famous “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King is a monument of rhythm and musicality.

Knowing mark silence is also a good way to be heard. This is confirmed by Olivier Livoir “hospitality manager” for Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, often need to dine in company of prestigious guests in the mansion of the champagne house: “Stars, political, Japanese customers, American or other . I have grab their attention quickly and make the evening unforgettable. I learned to give more rhythm and intonation in my voice, to speak more slowly and less hard and play silence . And I won impact, “if he welcomed the outcome of a HRM-music training.

Combining the body to speech

We know that the smile means the phone. This means if, face-to-face, congruence between verbal (words) paraverbal (voice) and non-verbal (eyes, body posture) is important. Position themselves to the person or group to whom we address, good feet on the floor, chest and arms in the open position, watching his interlocutors in the eyes, allows to identify – and feel – more self confidence. As for the facial expressions and gestures, they give strength to speak on condition not to do too much. Rather than trying to hide your emotions, make it an asset that will make your human message. Again, it is about finding the right tone.

In the kitchens of the Quai d’Orsay: excellence in French

At the Foreign Ministry, a team continues the tradition of gastronomy and service to the French. Tour in the label temple.

On the surface, the Foreign Ministry shining golds of the Republic. Yet past the different state rooms, a staircase leads to a less flashy but equally strategic basement. In the kitchen, in fact, the polished floor gives way to a black and white tiles and gilded ceilings with exposed pipes.

In this simple and functional decor leads a prestige battle in which the requirement level must be up to the professional mission assigned to the team representing France and its good manners with guests from the Quai d’Orsay. This requirement applies to all members of the staff: the twenty cooks and clerks, but also to the two seamstresses, both bankers and six butlers that provide room service.

Marc Chaumeil for Management

CHOREOGRAPHY ball.  Each year, approximately 60,000 meals are served in the ministry. “As much at Crillon, on the other side of the Seine, explains Thierry Charrier, the chef. I make sure that every member of my team has the will to achieve perfection, even when it comes to preparing the 150 to 200 daily meal trays for staff. “If unlike his colleagues who come toques greet their guests, he remains a man of the shadows, it shares with them a commitment to excellence.

In the back stairs that leads to the reception rooms, the whereabouts of the trays are relentless. Les six butlers lead this ballet with tremendous efficiency, rivaling discretion and propriety. Their goals? Valuing dishes accompany the meal by forgetting their presence while respecting the letter the French service that requires a ball choreography. The dishes are presented on the left and served by the right, while the guests serve themselves using cutlery highlighted.

Tables set with care protocol: Butlers and seamstresses start preparing the room in the morning, well before the arrival of the guests. The layers are deposited neatly and ironed on the huge coffee table Beauvais. The cover can then be arranged maintaining a distance of 30 to 50 centimeters between two plates.

Every detail counts: the teeth forks side table, an additional share provided in case of greedy guest . an unknown protocol of the public, which may seem a bit outdated. Never mind ! Other departments are all put to plate service – deemed more modern -, the Foreign Ministry is indeed the last defense of this tradition dating back to the eighteenth century.

The Quartermaster General of the Ministry, Thierry Bouron, has made it his mission on behalf of his employer, France. “Only the Elysee continues to practice this service sporadically. We are the last ministry to respect the everyday and the only ones able to perpetuate the tradition, “confirms this fifties who, before arriving at the Quai d’Orsay in the 1980s, did his military service in private service former President Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

TRAINEE DIP.  Today, as a steward general, he is responsible for scheduling the team and juggles rooms, culinary requests and needs of each guest. To provide the ultimate luxury for staff and guests of the prestigious Foreign Ministry – custom receptions – it relies on an assistant who oversees the butlers.

Thierry Bouron is also the Compliance and transmission of the label and the service French. “Each year we welcome a professional quarantine from all the embassies of France in the world. These trainees – waiters or cooks – find themselves immersed for five days, “he says, putting his cup of tea on a British glass below.

A similar logic to that of a large group that receives the seat frames its subsidiaries . “We are a little home mother of French gastronomy. We help our satellites abroad up competence, “says chef Thierry Charrier, whose office door is decorated with postcards sent around the world by former trainees.

In this week of January, the chef of the Embassy in Georgia has been replaced by Evgenia Szoeva, butler in Bulgaria. His first day was devoted to observing the work of silversmiths, who watch over a national treasure – two services Sevres particular, kept in a secret location as their value is priceless.

Silver and porcelain of the Republic: Crockery Bernardaud, Christofle silverware and crystal St. Louis. The must of tableware, 100% made in France.

Today, for the first fiscal sized, Evgenia serves breakfast from 8 am 30 gathering about a hundred ambassadors in the dining room, at the monthly meeting of the Club of Entrepreneurs. An intervention of Sebastien Bazin, CEO of Accor, is scheduled this morning. “After six years at the embassy in Sofia, I just observe what is done here, learn some practices, including service to the French,” she says in halting franglais.

impeccable service in the kitchen and in the living rooms: In the kitchen, the tenors of the trade that display years in great restaurants, alongside disabled employees and those undergoing conversion (including a former professional football player).

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Ayrault, is served by butlers.

ZEST FOR INNOVATION.  After the first service, Evgenia Szœva prepares lunch Matthias Fekl, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, Promotion of tourism and French overseas . and object of attention since he came kitchen to congratulate the team for their kouign-amann with apples.

For if the brigade continues the tradition by serving classic recipes, it seeks nevertheless to surprise. Welcoming foreign students contributes by blowing on this venerable house, guardian of tradition, a light breeze innovation.


1. Quiet and advance.  Choose a bit noisy and convenient place for your host (not too far from his place of work). And ask about her tastes. This will prevent you to invite in a meat restaurant while he is vegetarian .

Arriving a few minutes early, you will ensure that the table for you and let your guest room that faces the room.

2. Discreetly.

The ideal is to prevent – at the time of booking – it is you who will pay. And, if you do not pay the bill, never offer to share. Finally, send a thank you to the shared moment.

3. Pace.  The duration of a meal should not exceed one hour and a half. To keep this timing, enter the heart of the subject upon entry.

La Folle Journee, Theater du Rond-Point . yes culture can be profitable!

  • Men and Affairs
  • La Folle Journee, Theater du Rond-Point . yes culture can be profitable!

    These leaders of men invent new cultural economy. And demonstrate that the term profitability is not a dirty word when it comes to art, intelligence and curiosity.

    The change in continuity. This is the paradox of a sector increasingly anchored in the business, but still dependent on public subsidies that tend to weaken. “You have to manage scarcity,” summarizes Steven Hearn, head of Scintillo, an umbrella group fifteen cultural enterprises, and “direct state funds to areas that need it most.”

    This is not so much to the subsidies of the Ministry of Culture, he refers only to those territorial authorities, to which the financing of culture was gradually delegate. A world more horizontal than vertical decision, where officials and managers of establishments all have their say, but without knowing what adopt funding methods.

    Reconciling mind and money

    The architect and head of François Guiguet program advocates for unreleased packages and tailored to each individual case. “We must not step forward, with notebooks precise and rigorous specifications, to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same line,” he warns.

    The culture in line with the economy? It is not incongruous – Jean-Michel Ribes demonstrated in the last fifteen years in Theâtre du Rond-Point in Paris. But the phenomenon is more obvious in the era of digital, and entrepreneurs have understood how the cultural 2.0 changes the rules of the game, including those of success. Rene Martin, founder of La Folle Journee de Nantes, can testify: “No, now, is immune to a triumph!”

    Jean-Michel Ribes, theater manager of Roundabout

    Human pen and spectacle, Jean-Michel Ribes has been innovating to remake the Theâtre du Rond-Point Mecca of culture. Francois Lafite / Wostok Press / Maxppp, SP

    The manager against his or band manager turned entrepreneur.

    It is primarily an author who writes for the theater. Now and tell how famous counter News, “the theater is a medium where one prefers the dead authors” and where the actors and the director attracts all light. However, Jean-Michel Ribes is as much known today for his role in the cultural world for his artistic work.

    In 2001 he began his entrepreneurial career, by the will of Bertrand Delanoë. The new mayor of Paris ready, in fact, the ear to the chorus of writers who are alarmed by the bad patch of the Theâtre du Rond-Point, promised to become the backyard of fashion shows. He even takes them at their word, by challenging them to save the house and entrusting the keys to the ancient theater of Jean-Louis Barrault in Jean-Michel Ribes, who decided to take the plunge.

    Balance the budget

    “Running a company, I knew how, says playwright. I could talk programming, payment or intermittently, and I arrived with a strong team around me, including Valerie Bouchez, my co-director.” The job has nothing of a sinecure. There must be 64% of the annual budget from the revenue, while the average in the major theaters does not exceed 30%!

    The author then turns into true entrepreneur and prepare a business plan in three acts. At the theater, Deputy First there a bookstore and organizes seminars in partnership with major media. Then he sees fully the restaurant menu to make it accessible to all budgets. “If I could create a hotel, I would have done!” says he.

    Wowing audiences

    No more fixed schedules of performances: the roundabout becomes a place of commercial life, open from noon to midnight, the precursor of a model first developed in the cultural world of the 2000s All spaces are called on to do the show : animations, songs . even in the bathroom!

    Added to this is a great idea: programming not one, but three pieces, played twice a day, to dilute the risk of oven. “I saw this in the 1950s at Jean Mercure, which offered performances at the City Theater in the late afternoon for post office employees.”

    With its air of old elf, Jean-Michel Ribes place his visionary business strategy, based on surprise: “You come, you never know what to expect.” And it’s been fifteen years since it works! As for the author, he continued to write books and sell them – a total of nearly 170,000 copies, according to its publisher Actes Sud.

    Rene Martin, artistic director of the Folle Journee de Nantes

    With his election to the presidency of the European Technology Institute of musical professions at Le Mans, Rene Martin knows a kind of consecration. Marc Roger / SP / La Folle Journee de Nantes

    A producer not so classic that has found a profitable business model for its festival.

    Passionate about music and . management companies, merchant son has followed an unusual career. Conservatory to the works of Sun Ra, Bela Bartók, through string quartets of Beethoven, adolescence is all “Oh!” and “Ah”.

    This does not prevent the music lover to integrate the Nantes School of Management. In 1981, in his early thirties, he combines his two passions by mounting the International Piano Festival of La Roque-d’Antheron in the Bouches-du-Rhône. It will be a musical reference, but also economic, because he does not hesitate to shake up the traditional system of seals. Negotiator outstanding, he manages indeed to pay artists based on predictable revenue concerts.

    Become bankable in the middle of the culture, Rene Martin then all the weapons in hand to achieve the obsession that haunted him for a U2 concert in 1992. “Seeing the enthusiasm of these young people, I told myself that I could draw them to the classic. ” In 1995, he thus creates La Folle Journee de Nantes and proposes a series of very moderately priced concerts.

    Attract young

    In wise manager, Rene Martin prefers to rely on a high self-financing (60%) rather than public aid. Its calculation falls within the old logical volume: many concerts with seating from 35 francs (5 euros), should ensure the influx of the public. Bet won the event, which lasts five days now, has become an institution.

    Rene Martin has managed to reinvent a business model of classical music festival, able to attract a younger audience and more popular, never taking the easy way in programming, half of which comes from the contemporary repertoire, and where electronic music all its place.

    “It is I who selected the themes, the works and artists,” says the sexagenarian the feverish eyes, always attentive and on the lookout for the slightest novelty. In February, it will dance and the many ways in which it influences art music. Again, he honed the program with his team of ten people, with well defined roles and a budget of nearly 5 million.

    His small company, always structured association of which he is himself employed, exported La Folle Journee in Japan – in Tokyo, each edition brings together nearly 1 million people – in Warsaw and Yekaterinburg (Russia). This represents 1,500 concerts worldwide each year. A godsend for artists who are eager to travel.

    François Guiguet, architect, co-founder of Aubry & Guiguet consulting agency project management

    François Guiguet helps design the places where culture can be fully expressed. Franck Ferville for Management

    For each project, it creates a suitable financial arrangement.

    The Cite des Sciences in Paris, the Shanghai Opera, this is it! François Guiguet however, is not a star architect, but rather a “geneticist” the art who operates upstream projects to fix the DNA. Its clients are political and community managers.

    His specialty is the enhancement of urban and industrial wastelands. As in Mons, which was preparing in 2015 to become European Business School Admission of Culture. With his agency Aubry & Guiguet recommends that the Walloon city of “sew up the old story with the priorities of the moment”: to transform the old slaughterhouse into a museum, creating a digital writing center or a Google Data Center .

    Imagine models

    “We always try to imagine and tell something new,” says the consultant. Its business since the late 1980s, it was a lot of studies conducted upstream of the first drawings of the architect and arbitrage of the future supervisor.

    A work called “programming” which dedicated team of eight young talents pleased to invest in projects that require each time to design novel project templates. Witness these specifications sent one day in 1999 by Jean Blaise as . poem! The artistic director of shows was about to create unique place in Nantes in the former biscuit Lu.

    Steven Hearn, managing director and founder of Scintillo, comprising fifteen cultural enterprises

    Steven Hearn made the connection between the public and cultural enterprises. REVELLI-BEAUMONT / SIPA

    Moderator more a manager, he advocated the organization of fish.

    Convinced of the potential of enterprise 2.0, Steven Hearn seeks to apply the recipes in the world of culture. Unless it be the opposite? Whatever! In multidiplôme – philosophy, art history and trade (Inseec) – the main thing is to show that the hybridization between digital culture and culture tout court is the way of the future.

    With the SOS Group, a player in the social economy, Scintillo won a five-year public service delegation (DSP) for the management and programming of the Gaite Lyrique, became a center of digital culture in Paris .

    Manage aid

    To policy, it calls for better use of public subsidies. “Their duty is to create conditions for the development of culture, not to define it as such,” he loose. So support those who really need it, contemporary dance, for example, and let alone cultural entrepreneurs who are betting to balance their budgets.

    electronic music fan, this dashing quadra knows whereof he speaks: Scintillo its holding company, which he founded in 2010, brings together fifteen cultural enterprises, for a total turnover of over 25 million.

    The loss of the contract of the Gaite Lyrique in July, was probably a little upset, but not unmotivated provided. “I did not really competing,” rest assured that neoentrepreneur, happy to win 5,000 euros per month and admiring Matthieu Pigasse, high-flying banker and editor Inrocks. Or Henri de Castries, the former CEO of Axa, and his organization of fish. “All together in the same direction, but all independent If brutal attack, it disperses rapidly and the danger passed, it gathers again. “

    How do you get a rate increase

    How do you get a rate increase

    Hard to imagine a client jumping for joy at the announcement of an increase in your price. But with a little diplomacy and refining your approach, you will make less bitter potion.

    Soaring commodity prices, soaring electricity prices, burgeoning fringe benefits . The reasons to revise its rates on the rise, especially where profitability is crumbling, do not miss. But whatever the motives and circumstances, imposing a price increase to a customer can not be improvised, especially if it is important. You’ll have to prepare the ground, but also sharpen your arguments to answer the objections that will be advanced to you at the official announcement. Observing a few simple rules will help you get the pill smoothly, even with the most customers reassembled.

    Send signals to avoid surprise

    The worst tactics is to deliver the bad news suddenly and unexpectedly. Not to steer your customer, you must instead prepare for this possibility several weeks in advance, preferably at an informal meeting or during a discussion without issue. Avoid show you devastated, but does not minimize the project: “An increase in our rates is in the pipes, as you are one of our loyal customers, I prefer to tell you..” As for the figures, remain vague as possible: your partner will thus be tempted to imagine the worst and show him relieved when you announce the actual amount of the increase. He expected 15%? In reality, it will be “only” 5%. Your will increase much more easily.

    Choose the right timing for the official announcement

    Nothing prevents you to call your best customers to prevent them before they receive the official letter informing them of your new fee schedule. In this letter, be as simple and concise as possible. No need to lie down or try to justify yourself, you will have the time to explain in an interview face to face. The key at this stage is to avoid timing error. Just a few years an industrial food was trapped by introducing price increases to a supermarket chain just when it published record profits. The central purchasing obviously jumped at the chance to return the supplier in its goals. Similarly, if your client has something to reproach you, defer the announcement: wait for the failures of your machines or your delivery delays are resolved! The best solution, if you are decision maker, of course, is proceeding gradually, spreading the increase over time. Your customer support more easily regular and low rise – once a year, for example, on the occasion of an order or a contract renewal – a supposed whammy offset several years of rate stability.

    Show yourself firm and without complex

    Many commercial will agonize at the thought of approaching the subject. The most worried are also not necessarily those who practice the most expensive price. This fear and the stress it generates lies right from the start at a disadvantage. In sales talk, your partner will notice and interpret it as an admission of weakness. To display a maximum of serenity, remember that price is rarely the first purchase criterion. All surveys of professional buyers show that the quality (in the broadest sense: after-sales period, support .) at least as important in their choices, especially when it comes to products with high added value and services complicated.

    Make it clear to your partner from the beginning of the interview that the new price is final and not negotiable. Be loath is from beaten and risk losing all credibility. By asserting your authority, you will inspire respect and it will then be easier to defend your point of view. What is important to your customer, is that the new tariff is compatible with its budget and there is no product cheaper elsewhere or equivalent service. An increase does not make you a “thief” in which your client would be the victim. It is a conscious decision, reflecting the evolution of your offer and your business environment. You too have to get results, the objectives and jobs to defend.

    Argue with objective elements

    Whatever the customer profile, if your price increases are due to the increases that you suffer from your own providers, specify it clearly. You have every opportunity to convince by showing that you do that integrating additional loads – and thus not you increase your rates to earn more, but not to lose. An industrial baker, for example, will emphasize that the rise in wheat prices (which rose sharply in one year) increased all its supply costs.

    It is also an opportunity to promote your offer by emphasizing its strengths. Take the opportunity to highlight additions or progress, however small, which have recently received your products or services. Finally, take care of the vocabulary used. Avoid the term “expense” or “cost” “, which can cause negative reactions and unnecessarily increase customer resistance. Instead, talk about “investment” or “value.” Do not say: “With this new tariff, your hardware now costs 1,000 euros.” But rather: “It will invest 1000 euros to benefit from all the advantages of the material that I offer.”

    Provide facilities in case of blockage

    Despite your best efforts, your decision is struggling to pass? If you feel very refractory customer, ready to let you down, show yourself flexible

    And conciliatory. Suggest, for example, to delay the entry into force of the future price or, if it is a service, apply only to the part of the contract remaining to be processed. also planning a return to the final stage of negotiation: an additional service, deadlines shorter delivery . A small concession released at the right time will help you coax the toughest. Your customer found cheaper elsewhere? Do not panic. Ask him about the competitor’s offer, and show the benefits of your solution. Those who are not perceived necessarily immediately and justify the price difference: a stronger product in duration, quality manufacturing guarantees a rate close to zero outages, more competent staff, additional services ( exchange in case of dissatisfaction, advice hotline available around the hour twenty-four).

    If the client remains recalcitrant, offer a cheaper alternative, but less advantageous. This will put it to the wall: either accept the increase or it reviews its needs downward. This tactic can test his “desire”. If he is really interested, he will bend to your new tariff. Otherwise, opt for your low cost offers. You will certainly edging on your sales . but kept a customer.

    An MBA to become a manager?

    An MBA to become a manager?

    Career Accelerator, the Master of Business Administration, MBA sigle enables executives engaged in professional life to complete their training in the areas of management, economics, human resources, finance and languages ​​to access to the most senior positions. But disappointed argue that the benefits of solid gold (or so) of the MBA are not always the rendezvous. The MBA market, however, continues to flourish, with nearly 250 programs in France alone, some of which are recognized worldwide. MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, even topped the ranking MBA 2016 Financiel Times. Much further, we find the MBA of HEC School of Management Grenoble (EM) and Hedeč Grenoble.

    The MBA landed in France in 1957 by the European Institute of Business Administration says INSEAD, which creates, in our country, the first training for professional purposes very high level. This MBA, based in Fontaibebleau, has a global impact: first, it is important teaching methods in force in the American business schools, turned mainly to practice while in France the education is still highly theoretical . Immediately, the MBA is displayed as a highly selective training since it takes particular fluently speak several languages ​​and justify several years experience at high level.

    Twenty years later, in 1969, HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales) creates, in turn, an MBA who meets the same success. Next came those of ESSEC and ESCP.

    Today the MBA schools are resolutely internationally oriented with “students” who come from all countries and trainings that take place both in France and abroad.

    MBA democratized but sometimes “demonetized”

    Long, the MBA was displayed as the path to excellence, reserved for an elite with substantial financial resources, an MBA can cost as much as a finely crafted apartment.

    Things have changed. The MBA has ceased to be the preserve of schools. Universities also offer MBA course fee but much cheaper, as small private schools without anyone ever know if the quality is at the rendezvous.

    In a study published two years ago, XERFI an economic analysis firm noted that the MBA remains a growth market, but characterized by rough marketing strategies. Main complaint: the vast majority of institutions offer their MBA to a global audience when we should finely target a specific category of applicants and target specialization.

    The positioning of excellence is, according to this study, present and relevant only for a small minority of institutions. Despite reservations, the majority of those who have an MBA in a side institution stated that “worth” and do not regret the financial effort.

    While the MBA has been democratized to become accessible for deep pockets. But it must still count from 70,000 to 100,000 euros for a year of education in high schools, half in universities.

    If training tempts you, consider partial funding of MBA using your individual right to training (DIF), now training the personal account (CPF). Some Fongecif these agencies managing the funds of the vocational training of employees, give some financial help to pay part of the MBA, the rest of the price may be subject to credit from his bank. Nor is forbidden to apply for funding to your employer and OPCA, the approved joint body which the cash contribution to the formation caused by companies.

    In all cases, ensure that the MBA is considered registered in the national directory of professional certifications (RNCP). Some large schools offer young people under 26 years old MBA alternately, but space is limited.

    The Moocs, a little less virtual, slightly more effective?

    The Moocs, a little less virtual, slightly more effective?

    Despite their success, the Moocs struggle to demonstrate their effectiveness over time. Some are considering reintroducing more real in the virtual.

    2.4 million French would have enrolled on a Mooc in 2016, according to latest figures from My The same year, 313 are “massive open online course” (in French, “online courses open to all”) that have been created. The success of Moocs, appeared in 2008 in Canada and arrived in France in 2013, did not so crazy. These online courses are nonetheless facing a weight problem: a large majority of users will not after its formation.

    “This is what we call in our jargon, the completion rate. For Moocs, it is estimated that between 2 and 5%. Suffice to say very low. What justification, then, the investments made by some universities, if the results are as bad? “Asks Christine Vaufrey. There are a few years, she founded MOOC & CIE, an educational engineering company, support and training on online training products, with an emphasis on Moocs.

    “Initially, many were built as Moocs lectures, often on video. Of course, when you had all watched, you had to answer a quiz to check the assimilation of knowledge. But, as people did not pay the gratuity being a marker of Moocs if it was too hard, they do not stay, “says Christine Vaufrey. Today, faced with the poor performance of this medium, it reflects its evolution.

    “Some tasks can not be confined to a virtual learning”

    Thus, for her, reintroduce some real in these virtual training could not hurt them. Quite the contrary. “Some tasks can not be confined to a virtual learning. I think for example to surgery. It is best then to combine a face courses and surgery in virtual reality. That already offer some training. “

    The real also helps well in advance. Guillaume Laurie is project manager for pedagogy Kedge, a business school. With his students, for whom he develops Moocs, he decided to team-building, that is to say to motivate them before the start of training. “In doing so, I noticed that the completion rate was then much higher,” he says.

    Especially, some old habits die hard, and digital does not necessarily part, especially in business. “Often, for an employee, a face training is better regarded as access to e-learning. When we offer you one or two days of training with a teacher, you are granted the importance, “Judge Christine Vaufrey. However, real and virtual are not irreconcilable in the professional world: the energy supplier GRTgaz, a subsidiary of Engie, recently launched training for a new gas station employees . with a virtual reality helmet. Employees could both have direct feedback with these trainers, and immerse themselves in the task at hand.

    EUTELSAT: Philippe Lin appointed CEO of the group’s office in China

    EUTELSAT: Philippe Lin appointed CEO of the group’s office in China

    A French national, Philippe Lin graduated from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, the National School of Administration (ENA) and the Canadian National School of Public Administration.

    Highlights Value

    Communication – Medias

    The consolidation is expected to continue in the media because the context supports a continuation of reconciliation, especially in broadcasting. Large groups hold nearly 13 billion euros in cash, allowing them to perform operations. The companies in the sector, which often have much lower margins than before the crisis, have an interest to achieve scale to find new sources of growth. Thus, in the television, buy small chains takes advantage of audience fragmentation observed for several years. Until now, unlike their foreign competitors, stakeholders have invested little in France. All nevertheless displayed their willingness to develop in the media sector, without counting on the ambitions of telecom operators.

    Pick subsidies for your training

    Pick subsidies for your training

    The funding mechanisms available to companies are numerous and they follow complex procedures. Our advice to knock on the right doors and treat your application files.

    Companies on average spend 3% of their payroll on training their employees. This is more than the legal minimum. Which varies with the size of the companies: 0.55% for the structures of less than 10 employees, 1.5% between 10 and 19 individuals and up to 1.6% from 20 employees. But in a recession, the management is trying to close the tap and to stick to that threshold. According Cegos, 40% of companies have also tightened the budget in 2009. bad reflex. Training is one of the most proven ways to prepare a crisis. Employers would most harm especially to miss that multiple devices can contribute to its funding.

    Priority populations

    First possibility: seek joint body authorized collector (OPCA) of your industry. Each of these structures (there are 90) freely determine its attribution rules: amount of supported, type and duration of the actions prioritized, direct payment at the training organization or reimbursement to the company, etc. This is the OPCA which defines, early in the year, the number of files that can make a company, in proportion to its numbers.

    This organization (which deals only with individual folders) gives in principle priority to certain risk populations considered: employees over 40 years and with twenty years of professional activity, those who have not benefited from training for more three years, returns of elective office, maternity or parental leave, workers with disabilities. A company needs an accountant who can not afford to recruit may well offer an executive assistant skills training, the cost will be supported. The projects developed under the individual right to training (DIF) can also be subsidized (an OPCA on two proposed).

    For such an application to be successful, must still meet certain conditions. The duration of training first of all: to thirty-five to seventy hours per person minimum (as agencies), with a ceiling of three hundred hours. In other words, no less than five to ten days, imperatively programmed alternately. The course theme should be linked to the main business of the company. As for the amount allocated, it depends on Opca. The less well-off (associations, agricultural, medical) limit its funding to € 9.15 per hour of training. The richest (metallurgy, artistic professions, studies and consulting) go up to 50 euros. Needless to negotiate These rates are set by the social partners.

    Future restructurings

    For projects of greater magnitude, especially for group shots, please contact the region, to the state or to Europe. Their grants may cover 20% to 80% of the sums involved. This will be the case, for example, for a company considering heavy training because it anticipates future reorganizations. These programs can mobilize up to 100,000 euros. For a chance to win the case with these bodies, the matter must aim the development of transversal skills that beneficiaries can develop outside their own service or even in other companies. Then, each window has its own objectives. Thus, regional councils

    Focus on companies with fewer than 250 employees, realizing a turnover of less than EUR 50 million. Provided that they are not held for more than 25% by a company that does not meet the first two conditions.

    Social goals

    State aid is granted by the Regional Directorate of Labor, Employment and Vocational Training (DRTEFP). Through agreements Commitments development of employment and skills (Edec) and agreements for training and adaptation of the National Employment Fund (FNE), they are intended to maintain the employability of employees. It will defend here referred to social projects in which training occurs, for example, as an alternative to layoffs. Same priority to the social side of Europe. But in this case it is the prefecture which sends the file in Brussels. Nothing prevents hitting several counters, aid to the region and state are cumulative, like those of the State and Europe. Unable to cash in contrast to both the manna of Opca and that of the region. The agreement of the Opca is indispensable for national and European subsidies.

    Meet deadlines

    The success of the approach then be based on a strict timing. The application is often downloaded from the Internet, but must manually sign and send by mail. Once the dossier, count between fifteen and thirty days to get a decision if the request is for a Opca. The ideal is, in this case, to provide a two-month retroplanning before the start of training. Of the conditions can be negotiated with the training firm: if the company does not get subsidies, it may cancel their registration without payment. Most organizations have used to discuss such conditions, let alone in the context of individual training.

    If the file to the recipient region, state or Europe, plan at least four months between the filing of the application and the start of training actions envisaged. And count one more month for the preparation of the dossier. Concerning the region, better show up early in the year. Later, the funds are often empty. the regional council decisions are indeed made subject to budgetary availability.

    No room for error

    Whatever the requested institution, do not overlook any detail and fill each box. In case of deficiency, you will have no second chance or request for clarification: your file will go in the trash without further ado. So you need to learn precisely before you start by consulting the websites of financiers, usually very full on the terms and conditions of eligibility.

    Applications from Opca be summarized in general the basic identification data communications company and candidate training. individual logic compels you have to fill a record per employee, joining the training program, details of alternation, as well as the estimate of the training firm.

    The records for the regional council, the prefecture DRTEFP or are otherwise more complicated to build. Seriously argued on the intended strategy, they should include administrative and accounting documents. It will thus mobilize internal legal and financial services and human resources management. And do not hesitate to seek Opca, which remains a valuable source of information and explanation of the funding mechanisms.

    Rental management: What landlords need to know to make the right choice

    Rental management: What landlords need to know to make the right choice

    Upon acquisition of housing for rental to the owner arises the question of whether to take the rental management of the property or give it to a professional. Rental management of mission property includes intermediate looking for a creditworthy tenant, drafting of the lease, the payment of expenses condominium building’s trustee, sending the notice to the tenant to the owner. Paid service, rental management by a professional cost to the owner lessor average between 8% and 15% of annual rents of duty or assigned housing. Advantages and disadvantages of “homemade” – manage yourself – if necessary with the help of software, and the choice of rental management entrusted to your care by paid professional.

    You own or will buy an apartment or house that you intend to hire. However. Finding the right tenant, assume the rental management of your property every day seems a major concern, consuming, absorbing in terms of time, do you think, requires legal knowledge, fiscal and financial.

    The simplest solution would be to entrust the rental property management to a professional who would be responsible for everything, for a fee of course.

    Not sure yet that the rental management fee is the only alternative that is worth. Do not rush to decide. First Quench your anxieties and doubts not forgetting that millions of “small” owners manage their own rental housing, including those who have several.

    Quickly balance with two columns, one for the benefits, the other for the inconvenience, choose the solution that provides the most benefits based on your personal, professional, financial and family.

    Do not forget that IT simplifies the rental management by individuals through rental management software, simple, efficient and not necessarily expensive. Best websites like allow to benefit from a full service rental management with, for example, automatic shipments tenant receipts, maturity notice, reminders, fillers regularization letters, request for home insurance certificate . for a small fee (7.50 euros per month in Gerance Center)

    The issue of rental management also arises the shops walls owners and other business premises. Again, you can manage yourself by helping you software commercially or interning site specializes in helping to rental management online.

    Rental management totally free or almost

    Contrary to false popular belief, the rental management of a home (not to be confused with the mission of the trustee of a much more complicated building) is not so complex even for not specialist of property thing .

    Manage your own or your rental housing has the advantage of totally free. By making yourself tracking the rental, you will quickly know any small tiles that may fall.

    In direct relation with the tenant, you will have real-time information concerning the rental management of the leased property such as unpaid rent, the need for the work or repairs that rental right places at the lessor, any nuisance caused by your tenant or otherwise disorders enjoyment he suffers from other residents of the building. Assume you own rental management of your leased property needs of small features within the reach of everyone, have order and carefully classify everything about leased property, including deeds, contracts, bills, notes trustee letters sent and received.

    For a successful rental management, do not be a follower of procrastination, you know this tendency to procrastinate. In terms of rental management, delay and indecision are not forgiven.

    The best solution, one that combines simplicity, efficiency, safety and low-cost, probably the one that is to manage yourself using the services of a dedicated website (see above).

    Manage yourself well not forbidden to hire a professional ad hoc basis. You can only entrust a real estate professional search and selection of the tenant.

    It will ensure the reality of the prospective tenant income, and proceed with other checks as part of what allows the 89-462 law on tenancy relationships. In addition to the rental management software in the form of “a while” offering printable acts and contracts, there are also paper in specialist bookshops loan forms for use, including residential leases conform to the laws and regulations .     

    Rental management card for the professional 

    After careful consideration, it appears that, for lack of time or motivation, rental management of your property does not delight you more than that. No problem, just find a serious and competent professional who is willing to do things for you, upon payment of fees. Not anyone and no matter how. Indeed, under the law Hoguet (recently modified) on the exercise of real estate activities, professional wishing to rental management must hold a professional license issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry -CCI- (formerly the Prefecture) mark it “property Management”. The professional must have a financial guarantee to compensate customers if his failing business and a liability insurance which will cover the consequences of his mistakes, negligence and other pearls.

    Ask him a certificate stating that it is the date of payment of contributions from the financial guarantee company and liability insurance. For it may be in order when issuing his business card and subsequently stop being increasingly setting does his contributions. This is not a primary hypothesis, this sometimes occurs.

    Preferably choose a professional based near your places of life, home or work. The distance becomes a source of complication when relationships go bad or worse.

    In real estate professionals, as in all professions, there are serious people and others much less. Run your mouth to the ear to find the professional you need. Remember that you engage your wealth by giving the rental management of the property to a third party.

    Negotiate rental management mandate

    Having researched the good professional, you will sign a contract with a mandate in legal jargon, responding to articles 1984 to 2010 of the Civil Code, as well as Hoguet Law No. 70-9 and its implementing decree No. 72-678. In practice, professionals use property management mandates which are pre-formulated clauses they complete at the time of signing. Open the eye and the right to read everything, scrutinizing everything to clear head home.

    When in doubt, do not you abstain, ask the professional about that bothers you, so check with another source the veracity of his explanation. In addition to the mandatory information, the precise rental management mandate the extent of the missions you hear entrust professional or limited to certain usual administrative acts, is very comprehensive including any rental management. The eternal contract does not exist in French law, the mandate of property management is concluded for a specified period, usually one year, renewable by tacit agreement automatically without the intervention of the parties. So you can end (terminate) the mandate of property management at each anniversary date, respecting the notice therein mentioned, and unfortunately without doubt paying a termination fee.

    It can not be too advise you not to accept this clause providing you charge termination fees.

    The fixed term property management remuneration property manager. It takes an average of between 8% and 15% of annual rents excluding taxes, plus your responsibility mandatory 20% for VAT. Dear, dear! It is not finished. More surprisingly, the professional responsible for property management of your property also applies the same fees on the work in housing.

    Warning. Delegate rental management to a professional is not insurance. Do not let go the bridle, keep an eye on, and react to the slightest delay or negligence. If he is very greedy or casual in achieving its tasks, leave it but respecting the manner specified in the terms of rental management.

    The new prospectors Silicon Valley

    The new prospectors Silicon Valley

    Location: California. These entrepreneurs to conquer the web with, in their luggage, an idea, a project, a start-up . and unfailing optimism.

    Fabien Degaugue is not at his first attempt. He has created and sold a website for businesses when it launches in 2006 PeerPong, a search tool based on social networks. At the time, the young entrepreneur originally from northern France has the ambition to create “the next Google” nothing less. But he soon encounters a primary reality, that of money. He toured the Parisian bankers and business angels, and those seeking major European Business School Admissions. Despite his best efforts, he managed to raise 200,000 euros, a sum largely insufficient to fund all the research prior to the launch.

    Bored by the ambient nervousness, he decided to try his luck in Silicon Valley, Mecca digital entrepreneurs. A decision he has not regretted: excited about the project, the first person he met in California sign a check. Finally, in three years, it will raise 6 million and will resell PeerPong in 2009 for a tidy sum does not wish to reveal. “What is impossible is possible here in Europe,” says he.

    A unique ecosystem of its kind. As Fabien, there are thousands, from all countries, to migrate to the legendary Silicon Valley. A true gold rush 2.0. Last year, nearly 50% of new startups in San Francisco Bay were created by foreigners: Indians and Chinese for the most part, but also Europeans. And the French are not lagging behind, since they are the first European community there. The profile of these new gold diggers? Large schools of graduates of engineering or business aged 25 to 35 years, coming up with a business project or just an idea.

    For here, they know that dreams can turn into reality last year, San Francisco has invested nearly $ 11 billion in start-up, five times more than Tel Aviv, his most serious competitor, and twenty times more than the entire french territory. It must be said that Silicon Valley is a unique ecosystem: 6,000 high-tech companies are located in the region; almost all of the digital giants (Google, Apple, Twitter .) are installed; Investors in venture Business School Admission and business angels willing to finance start-ups jostle, and the top-flight engineers trained in prestigious universities in California Stanford or Berkeley.

    For adventurers of modern times, it is also an opportunity to tackle the huge US market. All have in mind examples like Instagram, a start-up of 13 people founded by a Brazilian, who was bought nearly $ 1 billion by Facebook in August 2012. The jackpot! “Where, in France, you would win 10 times your bet, here, for the same effort, you multiply the 100,” said Carlos Diaz, who resold BlueKiwi, his start-up, a big consulting firms last year (see our slideshow by clicking on the image of the article).

    When fate gets involved . Before jumping into a plane to the American West, our entrepreneurs, most of them already found a concept or developed part of their application or their website. And they saved enough to last a few months time to find an investor or first customers. Some even got a little help from fate, like Vincent Van Poll: the Dutch 28 years working for several months on the project start-up when his wife landed a job at the consulate of the Netherlands, in San Francisco.

    Others, without planning anything, decide to try their luck at the Nicolas Guerin image. This young man of 35, a native of Biarritz, was improvised contractor in San Francisco after unsuccessfully attempting to break into Hollywood as a film editor, occupation he exercised in France. He learns on the job development and the fundamentals of a business, and working on several projects in parallel. It created Strobbr, a sort of Instagram that allows for interactive sequences pictures, he hopes to sell to Nike and Red Bull.

    A cruel world. But disillusionment can also be part of the journey: the kingdom of the startups, there are many called but few are chosen. Since the crisis of the “dot-com” in 2001, investors have become more fussy and looking for companies able to generate cash quickly. “It’s so cruel, it works a bit like Hollywood, says Carlos Diaz. Sometimes the script sucks, but the company is funding because it has a star in his team – a former vice chairman of Twitter, for example. Conversely, good business ideas can not find investors because they are not visible enough. ”

    But for entrepreneurs, it is urgent to quickly find funds to keep because the cost of living in the bay is very high: San Francisco is the third most expensive city in the United States. “I pay 6000 dollars a month to stay with my wife and my two children,” says Carlos Diaz. As for wages, they are prohibitively expensive: over 100 000 per year for a young developer just out of school. “Engineers of the valley are spoiled for choice, there is a shortage here. Result, it is not uncommon that they’ll drop out after two weeks is more elsewhere offer them, “says Nicolas Guerin, who is committed to working with freelance engineers based in Paris. Vincent Van Poll, in turn, delegated the design and development of its site to a team located in Bolivia.

    Cockroaches and “warriors”. In everyday life, it is the ongoing cost-cutting: “It’s simple, says Vincent Van Poll, as soon as my partner submits a new expense to me, my first instinct is to say no, we’re talking about hours . development or small innocuous purchases “the less fortunate are using all kinds of tricks: they sleep more per room, go to free lectures to enjoy the buffet, affecting unemployment benefits or the RSA until French authorities realizing and writes off . Some go into “warrior” mode and go to sleep secretly in their local “coworking” to save rent. “A lot of people have given up on projects similar to ours, but us, we take. We will not die, it is the cockroaches! “Laughs Jeremy Melul cofounder Jogabo, an application dedicated to football fans (see our slideshow by clicking on the image of the article).

    A good way to support themselves is to make developer of services for third parties. Nicolas Guerin and spends half his time to his start-up and the other to build sites for US companies. Fortunately for the Gold Digger 2.0, in Silicon Valley, the opportunities for professional meetings are legion: “meet up” (conference-workshops offered by the spaces of “coworking” and incubators) “demo days” ( startups outputs an incubator present their project in three minutes by my watch), “hackathons” (collective challenges available to developers with a reward to the key) . Even in bars, just turn your head to hear people discuss their project.

    Entrepreneurs Inn. When he arrived in San Francisco, there is a year, the Dane Christian Hansen knew no one and had no specific project. “It was crazy to come like that shrinking violet, admits he. But I met many people in the same situation as me and the people I meet me offer help spontaneously. “He also chose to stay at Startup Basecamp, a special hostel contractors, which it can exchange with other miners Web. But young designers do not they fear being bitten their idea when they speak? “An idea is worth nothing. What matters is to realize and especially to distribute “Nicolas Guerin slice. Here, we do not hesitate to approach the big hitters, those who have “cracked the code” as it says here, super angels, entrepreneurs and successful managers at Google or Facebook. Even if the business model does not convince them, they usually take the time to be interested and to give their opinion.

    Greyhound Racing. The tasks are to manage multiple and entrepreneurs do not count their hours. At Jogabo, while Pierre-Guillaume Herveou focuses on the code and Mehdi Djabri on design, Jeremy Melul must support everything else. It recruits trainees, animates the user community, develop marketing application, meet investors . Time is against them, because every day that passes sees the cash reserves decrease. “In France, as start-ups receive a lot of aid, Labradors are created: they have the silky hair, but they are a little slow. Here are produced greyhounds: to go fast, you have to have an empty stomach, ‘says Carlos Diaz.

    Make fast and not very well. The concept in vogue in recent years is the “lean start-up”, which is developing as quickly as possible each “brick” of his project for the immediately confront the return of users. At Jogabo, it takes about two weeks to design a new feature. The team then observed if members use it if that’s the case, they improve, otherwise they drop. “We must be the puzzle, make it work, . We sell the project properly rearranged, once it is affordable,” explains Jeremy Melul.

    Given the pressure and workload, stress rises quickly. Each uses his trick to evacuate. Pierre-Guillaume Herveou goes every day to the gym with a developer friend who works in the same space of co-working. Nicolas Guerin practice surfing in the morning before going to work. Mehdi Djabri will recharge to the mosque in the evening, on returning from the office. The project’s success also depends, and especially by a collective spirit foolproof. We must stick together without being discouraged and put it frankly, without fear of offending the other, to avoid wasting time. “The team is more important than the project,” said Christian Hansen.

    To all these concerns is added that the right to reside in the United States. The gold miners usually start with a business visa, which is obtained relatively easily but is only six months and is renewable only once. For this reason, Jogabo team will soon move to Buenos Aires, with no certainty to return one day in San Francisco. Foreign entrepreneurs are using all kinds of tricks to be able to stay in the US. On the advice of his lawyer, Nicolas Guerin has become trainee of his own company. This solution, at the limit of legality, allowed him to stay a year and a half there. Then he took steps to clinch an investor visa. Valid for five years, sesame required to invest at least $ 100,000 in a US company. Nicolas has therefore placed in his own business profits of a year of consulting, which he added $ 50,000 of personal savings. Besides his return trips to the Embassy of the United States in Paris, or attorneys’ fees, of $ 5,000. “A real obstacle course,” says he.

    If, despite all the administrative and financial difficulties, our gold miners hold out is that they all share a belief they will sooner or later find it rich. Nicolas Guerin has yet to the idea that his start-up could well crash. Not enough to deter. “I met some guys who have failed five times before successfully,” he tempers. The serial entrepreneur has the sequence of ideas: he wants to develop a site where foreigners would share a hotel room to compete with Airbnb. Beta versions are already online.

    No rest for the wicked. For those who manage to make an “exit”, that is to say, to sell their company, touching a nice gain, the gold fever does not fall, on the contrary. Having experienced the full cycle of start-ups, creating resale through fundraising, they can Business School Admissionize on what they have learned. “It goes much faster the second time,” says Fabien Degaugue, which was launched a year ago in a new entrepreneurial adventure. Convinced that “email is the end of life,” he designed Instaply, an SMS communication platform between customers and businesses available yet in the United States, France and Belgium (see our slideshow by clicking image of the article).

    He has already collected $ 500,000 and “preparing to raise more in a few months.” His friend Carlos Diaz, who sold his company BlueKiwi for € 20 million last year, could afford an extended vacation. But even before the acquisition has taken place, it had already launched Kwarter, an application that allows exchange between supporters and win prizes while watching a game on TV. “We’re the only ones on the niche . maybe because it has no interest! The future will tell, “said the French, at the head of fifteen people. Breaking the gold fever is not easy .